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Could you be getting more out of your voice?   LEARN 5 ACCENTS IN SIX WEEKS.

​Are you limiting yourself by simply "being yourself?" Become the shape-shifter that gives casting directors and agents more of what they want: versatile, reliable, genuine talent. Accent Man will have you mastering five distinct, popular accents in just six weeks. No never-ending series of courses—just six weeks and you're good to go with studio quality samples that slide right onto your reel. ​Only 10 spots per class, so sign up now. (Los Angeles only) 

Prefer private or Zoom Coaching? No Problem. 

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Learn 5 Accents one-on-one via Zoom​​​

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Focus on one accent 

Make adjustments to your speaking voice


in-person or via Zoom 

Andrew Frankel, ACCENT MAN dialect coach


Anyone can learn accents, but years of musical and comedic improvisation paired with an extensive knowledge of the science of sound have made voice actor and “Accent Man” Andrew Frankel the right person to teach them.

It’s not unusual for Frankel to voice several accents in the same animation, video game or commercial session. And working as an audio engineer in animation, he learned it’s not uncommon for directors to ask for accents.

Currently voicing multiple roles in the HBOmax original animated series Jellystone!, Netflix's "Masameer County" and Disney's

"Gus the Itsy Bitsy Knight" Andrew has developed this six-week course to stretch the range of actors and voice actors and equip them with the tools to find their other voice in vivid new characters.



" I have never taken a VO class that was this thought-provoking and challenging. The way he teaches is unique and fresh!"

Stacy Allen

"So interesting and so much fun! highly recommend!"

Sarina Neer

"It was a gift to learn from someone who is ridiculously talented, but also has the ability to unpack and teach      in a way that other people can understand"

Kellen Law

What are students saying?

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