LA's Singing Fiddler


Voice and Violin in Perfect Harmony

The violin sings and Andrew Frankel harmonizes -"they blend so well there are points when I can't tell if the sound is coming from his voice or the violin." 


Playing the fiddle like you've never heard, Frankel breathes new life into your favorite songs with his unique method for singing and playing the violin, mesmerizing audiences with live performances that draw you deep into reinterpreted classics and thoughtful original songs. 

A fan of  everything from early jazz, classic rock, and modern pop, Andrew gained an audience performing live online taking requests and playing original songs like "Super-human" (right) with his six-string electric fiddle—the Viper. 

As a performer, his strength is reading and reacting to the energy of the room. That, and his ability to take live requests, improvise, and reach deep into his early classical training for that more typical violin sound make him a captivating and unique entertainer.

Fiddle Around with Andrew

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